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If you want to start a new “healthy lifestyle” OR already are on the right track but you’re ready to take it to next level – I am here to help.

To make it easy to find what is best for you – here are common situations and the best products/programs to meet your needs.



#1 International Best Seller

The Power of Positive Fitness is a ”whole person” fitness plan that will quickly give you the energy you need to live an inspired life.

The Forward is written by Coach Lou Holtz











#1 International Best Seller

The key to success isn’t your ability, intelligence or skill. There are many very gifted failures out there. Life’s rewards come from what we do, not from what we have and most people simply don’t have the energy to get to the next rung in their life and to do what is necessary to succeed. Success requires energy. Period! Everyone was created to operate at peak performance, yet lifestyle choices may stop you dead in your tracks! You can live an energetic, passion filled life! Your dreams can become reality starting today! In Climb YOUR Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas!, John M. Rowley will give you common sense, easy-to-implement steps that will significantly improve your energy, passion, body and life. NOW and FOREVER! DARE TO LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

The forward is written by Chicken Soup For The Soul Author Mark Victor Hansen




One Of The Top Online International Best Sellers

YOU have heard good things about my training and systems, how I keep everything simple and easy to implement into your already busy life.  Most likely you want to find a simple system to lose fat, gain muscle and increase your energy in the least amount of time.  Look no further….






YOU have a good idea of how to exercise and eat but are having a hard time making these positive changes part of your lifestyle.  You know what to do to create a tremendous impact in your personal and professional life, but just can’t seem to take action on a consistent basis.  Then we have the perfect thing for you!